Top 5 Exercises to get your Front Lever

This article is going to give you the Top 5 Exercises that you can do to get your Front Lever as quickly as possible.These exercises are meant for everyone, even if you just started training for the front lever, even if you already built a base of strength but you don’t get results anymore.Front Lever is a popular static hold in Street Workout and everyone is trying to get it as fast as possible.I can let you know from the start that if you don’t have a coach or a background in street workout it will take you much longer than it usually does and of course, everyone has a different body.I will get directly into the exercises with some details for each one of them :


Front Lever Static Progressions

These are the direct exercises to do for the Front Lever.You should start with the tucked front lever with proper form and get at least 20-30 seconds before moving to the next progression.Do sets of the exercise you can do best first ( for example: One legged front lever ) and as you go further into the workout start doing easier progressions ( for example: tucked front lever ).Don’t rush it, you won’t get it over night and you can definitely injure yourself by trying things your body isn’t prepared yet to do.

Overall Abs Exercises

Abs are THE MOST important muscles that need to be trained in order to get a good solid front lever.I suggest you that even when you’re not working out, when you are bored or you want to get a break from something, just start doing some Abs Exercises and if you don’t know what exercises you should do then have a look at these 5 Great Abs Exercises. When you reach the point where you feel you can do more, try doing Dragon Flags until you get pretty good at them.Dragon flag is the closest exercise to a front lever but without engaging your back too much, transferring the focus from the back to your biceps.A dragon flag on a bar looks like this:dragon-flag

Overall Back Exercises

Most of our street workout brothers don’t know why the back is very important in a Front lever and that results into a bad looking Front Lever with incorrect form.When you perform the Front Lever, your back muscles must be engaged ( pulled down ).You should have a solid back base with your basic pull ups and even weighted pull ups.These exercises, even if they aren’t direct progressions to the front lever, they will help you a lot !

Raise Up on the Bar

Working on the front lever directly doesn’t mean only static front lever progressions.How you should do this exercise: Dead hang on the pull up bar, raise your knees to your chest and ( this is probably the most important aspect ) engage your back muscles by pulling down.After you get in this position raise yourself into a static front lever progression ( for example: Dead hang to tucked front lever ) and start doing some repetitions.When you get good at it try to pull yourself up directly to a One Legged Front Lever or even Full Front Lever.

L Pull Ups

This was the exercise I recommended for the Muscle Up Tutorial too because this is a great exercise for your core and back muscles, which are the main muscles that need to be trained in order to get strengthen your front lever.When you feel you can’t continue doing the pull ups in the L position, bend your knees an keep on going !

Thank you for reading my article and my vision on the best exercises for the Front Lever, don’t forget: Form over quantity ! and Stay Safe !

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