Top 5 Exercises to get your First Muscle Up

Muscle Up is one of the most popular street workout exercises that focuses on all the muscles in the upper body and it’s one of the best exercises that really needs to be “mastered” in order for you to proceed with harder exercises in street workout and once you have it down, your strength on all the other exercises that you do will increase.Enough for this introduction, we will talk in another article about the Muscle Up and get some in-depth details on it.The only needed “equipment” for these exercises is a pull up bar which you can mainly find in a park.


  1. Negative Muscle Ups – I remember when I first started training for the muscle up the negatives really helped developing that needed strength.You need to find yourself a pretty low bar so that you can jump or climb on it and then from the top position slowly work your way down until you reach the dead-hang on the bar.Also try doing them as slow as you can.
  2. Explosive Pull Ups /  High Pull Ups – For this you’re gonna have to find a regular height bar and just like you do regular pull ups, shoulder width hand placement distance and this is the fun part, you need to try and pull yourself as hard as you can so you can reach the bar with your chest.But even if you do them with a little bit of swinging, don’t forget the correct form and don’t start doing them like these Cross Fit athletes cause you’re probably going to injure your back.
  3. Dead Hangs and Isometric holds – These 2 exercises are mainly going to help you build up your forearm strength and gain some needed power for your LatsBiceps . Get yourself on the pull up bar and just sit in a regular dead hang position ( the starting position for a pull up ) for as long as you can and you will definitely feel the burn in your forearms !  The other exercise is the static pull up hold: Do a regular pull up but when you got to the top, don’t go down and stay there for as long as you can.When you start getting stronger you can start playing with doing sets of half your maximum holds.
  4. Dips on Straight Bar – You will also need a lower pull up bar so that you can get yourself on the top of the bar.Just like a regular dip, go as low as you can and back up until your arms are fully extended.Doing this exercise properly will help you develop strength in your triceps and shoulders, this exercise is mainly to develop the part where you need to go over the bar on while doing the muscle up.
  5. L Sit Pull Ups – If you can’t do a straight legs L sit pull up then you can try with your legs bent.This exercise will help you build your core strength ( abs ) and the proper pulling strength in order for you to start doing your first muscle up.


Now that you some great muscle ups exercises that you can do, you should try building your own routine with these exercises and start practicing for the muscle up.

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