How to Muscle Up Tutorial

Today I’m going to teach you how to do a Muscle Up and explain the technique you should know before starting to train for it.If you don’t already know what a Muscle Up is: It’s basically an advanced form of pull up combined with a bar dip.Starting by hanging on a bar, after you perform the first part of the muscle up you should be with your hands above the bar ( the position is similar to a bar dip ).


  • You should have at least 10 perfect form pull ups before starting to train for the muscle up
  • Again, at least 10 Bar Dips
  • Some basic core strength

If you are a beginner to street workout and if you also don’t have any background in any other sports, I would suggest you to start off by doing basic exercises and try to build up the strength from there.Also, if you are looking for what exercises you should to to get muscle up, I just linked a special article covering some great 5 Exercises to get your Muscle up.


The technique is very important when you start training for the muscle up and you should have some basic knowledge about it before you start training and getting off on the wrong foot.I say that because I had the same problem with the technique cause I had no one to help and to guide me into getting the proper technique.You can see a lot of people on the internet that are proud they did a muscle up with one and after the other and with a kick that you think they are playing soccer.Don’t be greedy and start focusing on the exercises I linked to before.

The first thing you want to do is to get a little bit of swing ( but not too much ) and when you get some momentum with the swing then you should try and pull as hard as you can.This will result in a High Pull Up, and thats what you want to do to start building up dynamic strength.You can also add legs kipping until you get the muscle up but after that you should try and work your way to almost no Kip and as minimal swing as possible.Keep in mind that after you got the pull phase of the muscle up the Dip Phase is next.When you are just starting to get your pull up phase and you almost got over the bar, you can rest for a moment by touching the chest after the pull up and then continue the dip phase.Again, this little trick should be removed from your muscle up after you get stronger.

What you should not do in the pull up phase when you are a beginner – You really don’t want to start the Pull phase while you are in the Dead Hang, you should add some swing to it until you get it down, because starting from a dead hang will require a greater amount of Strength and you are probably going to be stuck at the transition.A thing to get in mind when doing the swings is that when at the moment you start swinging backwards, you should pull.

Muscles involved: Whole upper body

Thank you for reading this Muscle Up Tutorial, I really hope you found some useful tips in the article!

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