Zef aka Devin Sosa Workout Routine

Devin “Zef Zakaveli” Sosa is one of the “Legends” of Street Workout and I say that because he’s been in the “game” for a long amount of time and motivating beginners.I know that when I first started to workout he was one of “cool” guys on youtube that would motivate & amaze me.In this article we’re going to look at one of his routines and break it down for you guys.


Workout Routine Information

Devin Sosa is more of an Endurance type of guy.He is famous for his big muscle up, pull up and dips sets that he’s doing.If I did my homework right then it means he made 54 Pull Ups and 50 Dips on the bar without touching the ground ( in one gigantic set ).

This is a workout routine that is meant for everyone who got a pull up bar so check it out..

  1. Get on the bar and do as many Wide Pull Ups as you can.
  2. Without dropping yourself from the bar, get into a narrow pull up position and pull yourself up and hold that static position for as long as you can.
  3. Again, while still on the bar, do at least 20 knee raises.That will work your abs and your forearms too !
  4. And now, after tired of all these bar exercises, get down and do your maximum amount of push ups.

More details

This workout routine will focus on your Endurance like you probably guessed and because of that you should do a proper warm up before the actual workout set, this will make a big difference.After you’re done with one set of the above workout then you should take a longer pause than usual so that your muscles can recover from the maximum type of exercises.I think giving yourself 5-10 minutes after each set is OK.

Thank you for reading until the end, have a nice workout ! Here is the video of Devin Sosa doing this workout ( Without the knee raises, that was a bonus added by me )

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