Ab Exercises for Women

We all that feeling when you don’t know what to do and you just want to do some exercises so your body stays or gets in shape.In this article you will be learning a few new exercises that you can do at home, without any equipment that will get rid of the stomach fat and make you look a lot hotter.So, we can start a little slower with some basic exercises for your abs and then get onto some more advanced ones if you are already comfortable doing the basic ones.

Basic Plank Position

The plank is probably the most common exercise that everyone is doing when they workout.In this case common means good, as a lot of people get results from doing this exercise.If you didn’t heard of it then you can see it in the picture below.Do 3-4 sets of this aiming for 30 to 60 seconds each set.

Side Plank

Just like the basic plank, this exercise focuses on your core and shoulders.If you don’t have experience with this exercise, take it easy at the beginning and take note: you may fall trying to do this exercise until you find the right balance.Keep on going and don’t give up !

Half Bridge

A half bridge will help you develop strength in your back and of course, your back core muscles.You can do this exercise both dynamic and static.The exercise can be performed dynamically by standing with your back on the ground and your feet like in the image below.When you got into that position you can now start doing reps of raising your body to the half bridge and then back down.Use this exercise as a warm up for your back before you get into the Full Bridge.
Bridge Pose 2

Full Bridge

The full bridge might look difficult but, trust me, it is really not difficult and you won’t hurt yourself by doing it ( make sure you did a warm up ).The full bridge will focus on your back and core muscles and you will definitely feel the burn ! Try to hold it 15-30 seconds in 2-3 sets and you are done with the static exercises.


For the last exercise in this article we recommend you to do crunches instead of sit-ups.The difference between these two is that crunches have a lower range of motion, meaning that when you raise your body, you don’t go all the way up.The reason we’re suggesting these instead of the classic sit ups is because when you are in the raised up position you no longer use your abs and you start losing contraction; That means that you won’t feel “the burn” as fast.Because its the last exercise in this workout routine, do this exercise at least 4 times with maximum number of repetitions.

Thanks for reading this article on great ab exercises for women, have fun and be safe with your workouts !

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