Upper Body Workout Routine

So you’re interested in a great Upper Body Workout Routine that you can do at home to define, grow muscle mass or even lose weight ? Keep reading the article to get good information that will help you in your fitness journey.


I’m just going to say it right now, do NOT forget about your legs and if you feel like you’re legs workouts are missing then you should move over to doing a good legs workout.


This upper body workout routine that I’m going to show you is pretty basic ( you don’t need anything but the floor and a pull up bar ) so you could do it almost everywhere you got a stable bar.

The actual workout

  • Diamond Push Ups – Do at least 10 of those, I personally love the burning sensation that I get from them
  • Chin Ups – Go over to the Pull Up bar and do 8-10 Chin Ups
  • Knee Raises – Again, head up to the Pull Up bar and do your maximum repetitions of Knee Raises, this will literally destroy your core.Keep in mind that you can do Side Knee Raises to hit on your Side Abdominal Muscles
  • Chin Ups – Go over to the Pull Up bar and do 8-10 Chin Ups
  • Back Levers – Do your current Back Lever lever ( even if its one legged back lever or even tucked back lever ) half maximum seconds
  • Pike Push Ups – Do at least 7-8 repetitions of this exercise and if you feel like it is too simple, you can just raise your legs on a stool or bench.By doing this you will be increasing the difficulty of the exercise
  • Wide Pull Ups – Do as many as you can to finish off the cycle of the workout
  • More details

    So now that you’ve read and processed the workout routine exercises that you will do, you now need to set your rest time and stand by it.I recommend to take maximum 1 minute rest between the exercises and at least 2-3 minutes between each cycle.You’re not limited to my recommendations so you can just change the numbers to what you think it’s good for you and your fitness growth.

    Thank you for reading my article and considering my Upper body workout routine !

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