The Best No Equipment Forearm Exercise

Working your forearms can be a little difficult if you don’t have access to equipment and you don’t want to pay for a gym membership.I know this because I’ve “searched” for a good Forearm Exercise that really works my forearm muscles and it turns out that I found the best forearm exercise that you can do with no weights.

The only thing you will need is a bar where you can stay in Dead Hang ( basically just hanging on a bar ).Keep in mind that you need a round bar that you can hold on to pretty good / making sure have a nice grip.If your bar is rusty and your hand can’t move properly while you on the bar then it won’t work that good.After that, take a sheet or a T shirt that you don’t use anymore and put in on the bar like this:

Forearm Exercises

You’re probably wondering why I told  you to put a Tshirt on the bar ( ignore the rings, haha ).Well, it basically makes you hold the bar harder resulting in a better forearm workout than it would without it.Also, because the T shirt slips on the bar pretty easily that will, again, force you to hold and increase the power of your grip.

Relaxed back muscles

Another thing that you can add to this little trick exercise is engaging your Back muscles and / or your abdominal muscles.Keep in mind that it is recommended to not engage your biceps / flex your arm muscles.

Engaged back muscles


And a bonus thing that you can do when you get really good at just holding that dead hang position ( try to aim for 60 seconds ) is a one handed dead hang.I assure you that you will feel your forearms explode after doing just one set of this if you do it properly.Thank you for reading my Forearm Exercises Workout, stay tuned for more !
One arm dead hang

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