300 Calisthenic Workout SPARTAN Challenge


Build your back shield now!

Hi guys! Here is your 300 calisthenic workout challenge for today.



If you are already a beast doing street workout , or you love challenges, do your best and smash this one. Your lats will be dead sore the next day after doing this. Are you ready ?


  • only one exercise (the king of all bar exercises) : 300 pull ups


Basically you will try to do 300 pull ups in less than 1 hour. You have to do them in 30 or less then 30 sets . Rest as much as you want, but keep in mind that you have only 1 hour. You can do them for example in 30 sets of 10 pullups each. You will sweat, you will get tired, but don’t ever give up. If you want to have that meaty shield, you need to do this.

Are you a spartan? Let’s see your results.

For more challenges, check out our site.

Good luck !


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