Quick and Easy Street Workout Routine


Hi guys! This street workout routine is one of the best if you don’t have that much time. If you arrive late from work, or you have another plans later, you should consider trying this. It’s easy and fast and you will burn some serious calories, build some muscles and save some time.

This will work your entire body and probably will get your legs a little sore after this amount of ass to the grass squats.


  • 100 Pull ups
  • 200 Push ups
  • 300 Squats

Routine details

You will do 10 sets. Every set consists in 10 pull ups followed by 20 push ups and 30 squats without pause. Then rest 1 minute and 30 seconds and go for it again. Let’s see how fast you can finish it.

Therefore, this routine is the perfect one if you haven’t got enough time to workout hours, or you want something less exhausting.

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Good luck and have fun smashing this one!


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