Quick 30 Minute Full Body Workout

If you find yourself in one of those days when you just don’t have the time for yourself and you can’t do a full regular workout at the gym or in the park then you probably will need a Quick Workout routine for this busy day.This workout can help you save some time much needed in a particular busy day but still get the benefit of a normal workout you usually do.

Workout details

Approximate workout time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Intense, Adjustable for everyone

Focuses on: Maintaining

Muscles involved: Whole body

Routine Exercises

  1. Start off by doing 5 minutes warm up exercises, a great exercise that you can do is jumping jacks-> This exercise will focus on your calves muscles, adductor and abductor muscles of the leg and a bit on your shoulders ( if you are waving your hands )
  2. Get yourself on the floor and try to hold a hollow body position for as long as you can, you should try to focus on 30-60 seconds -> This exercise focuses on your abdomnial muscles! Here is an image if you are not familiar with the hollow body position holdhollow-body-position
  3. Superman Holds, just like the previous exercise.Try and hold the superman position for as long as you can but aim for 30-60 seconds -> This exercise focuses on your back core muscles.superman-hold
  4. Regular Push ups – This is a very basic exercise that everyone knows how to do and it is very effective for building up strength if you are a beginner or maintaining if you are more advanced.Do 1 or 2 sets of half your maximum repetition number with minimal pause in between sets -> Focuses on your front deltoids, triceps, chest and also your core muscles.push-ups
  5. Basic Deep Squats – Do 2-3 sets of your half maximum repetitions with again as minimal pause in between sets.Keep in mind that your feet should stay in touch with the ground, your chest should pop out and also with your back straight -> Mainly focuses on quadriceps, calves if done properly and hamstrings.squats
  6. Pull Ups (optional) – If you have a bar where you can do pull ups you should definitely try and do at least 2 sets of your maximum repetitions -> This will focus on your lat, biceps and forearms muscles if done properly.pull-up
  7. Chair Dips – If you don’t have parallel bars on your gym or park then you should find yourself 2 chairs and start doing them just as you do them at the gym -> This exercise focuses mainly on your triceps and chest muscles. Try doing 1 set of your maximum repetition.dips
  8. REST and RESTART until you hit the 30 minute mark.


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