The Pyramid Routine

This routine is one of the most popular routine used in street workout, this routine is called “pyramid” and if you wonder why it’s called that, you will figure it out why when you understand it.The Pyramid Routine is great for building Endurance mainly because of the low rest time between sets and the combination between an up and drop sets.

When and why you should do it?

  1. When you want to build up more repetitions for a specific exercise
  2. It is a great quick workout when you don’t have that much time to exercise
  3. It’s very flexible, meaning that you can apply it to almost all types of exercises and also you can adjust it so it works for your current level of strength


How to do it

The basic principle of this type of routine is that you start from 1 repetition set, 2 repetitions set…until you reach the “top” of the pyramid, for example 7.After you reached the “top” you then start decreasing the repetitions per set until you get back to 1 repetition set.The rest between sets should be very low, maximum 10 seconds if you want to get the best results out of this routine.


Lets say you have the top number 7 and you chose to do pushups, right? If done correctly at the end you should have a total of 49 repetitions.I created a quick image so you can visualize how this exercise looks like



Like I said, this is very flexible and you can choose whatever exercise you would like to gain endurance strength and start training with this Pyramid Routine.


I’m going to give a quick tip / bonus for this routine, the Double Pyramid routine.You probably just imagined it right now.For those who want a greater workout and they think they can manage to do more, after finishing the pyramid set you can instantly start doing another one just like you did before and challenge yourself with another pyramid set

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