Legs Bodyweight HIIT Workout Routine

So you came here for a great Legs Bodyweight HIIT Workout Routine and I’m glad to say that this is a great place where you can find Street Workout Routines, Guides and Tutorials.

Today we’re going to give you a routine that will definitely “kill” your legs if done properly.This is another flexible workout routine and can be adjusted for everyone so that even those who just started working out can do it and even the more advanced guys / girls can definitely get a nice burn.

Workout Routine Information

This workout routine has 6 exercises that you will need to do in one cycle.After each exercise you should take a maximum pause time of 15 seconds and go to the next exercise until you finish the cycle.If you’re more advanced and you want to do this like a challenge, take no rest between exercises and the lowest possible rest time between cycles.But if you just want a quick workout then you can take up to 1 minute of rest between cycles.

  1. Start off by doing 20 Lunges ( Take into consideration that a warm up is necessary )
  2. Go for 20 Seconds of sprinting
  3. Do 7-10 Burpees ( if you don’t know what are those you can look in the image below )
  4. Do 1 minute of Rope Skipping to cool down a bit
  5. Do 25-30 proper form Squats
  6. And again, repeat the second step.Do 20 Seconds of Sprinting

These numbers can of course be changed and adapted to your current fitness level but keep in mind that this is a HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) and you should feel the burn in your muscles when you do certain exercises.Thanks for reading, here you have a visual of this Workout Routine that you can Save on your device and start working out !


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