Lazar Novovic Abs Workout Routine

In this article we are going to look at a great workout routine that Lazar Novovic is doing to get that 6 pack abs ( and he’s achieving it, you can clearly see on the presentation image above ).This Abs Workout routine is very intense, hard and it will be a challenge for all you guys out there.If you seem like you can’t do the whole numbers then you should adjust them for your current level and when you do the next Abs Workout, try adding seconds and reps back to the routine until you get to the level when you can do the workout routine without any adjustments.

Approximate workout time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Advanced Endurance Strength – Adjustable for beginners

Focuses on: Strength & Endurance

Muscles involved: Abdominal Muscles

Routine information

The first challenge of this workout is to do all the repetitions / hold from each exercise into a big set.This Lazar Novovic Abs Workout Routine will make your Abs cry and get you a great DOMS ( Delayed onset muscle soreness ) pain the next day if done properly.So enough with the talking, the rules are to instanlty go to the next exercise after you finish the previous until you finish the big set.

  1. 15 Regular Crunches
  2. 15 In and outs
  3. 15 Full length toe to hands
  4. 10 Full length toe to hands on the side
  5. 30 Seconds half hollow body position
  6. 30 Seconds leg kicks
  7. Basic 30 Seconds Abs Contraction Hold
  8. 30 Seconds Full Plank Position
  9. 15 Knee Raises
  10. 15 Straight Leg Raises

These are the numbers for the workout routine, after you do these ( Some will require a pull up bar ) you should get a rest based on how tired you are and then get it going again.Lazar Novovic is recommends doing 4-8 Sets of this workout routine.If you are not familiar with the exercise names then here is the part where Lazar Novovic shows the workout routine in a youtube video.Thanks for reading my article on how to get 6 pack abs with this Lazar Novovic Workout Routine.


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