High Intensity Workout Routine

This workout routine will help you build both Endurance and Strength because of the technique we are using to do this workout.If done properly I can guarantee you that the next day your targeted muscles will be pretty sore.I actually started developing this routine myself since I was experimenting different types of workouts that really make your muscle scream.I also tested this type of workout a few times and from now on I will do this High Intensity Workout Routine because I found that really works from every perspective.


How does it work ?

First you will need to choose what muscles you want to focus ( I suggest you only choose one or two big muscles ) and you think of what exercises you would normally do and list them ordered by difficulty ( harder to easier ) in your mind, but I suggest you think of 4 exercises minimally.I want you to drastically lower the number of repetitions that you normally do for each exercise just so that you can do the exercises listed without any rest in between sets.That’s right, this is the main secret of the workout, do all the exercises that you listed one after one without any rest and when you finished your exercises you will want to rest for 2-4 minutes and start all over again, but try maintaining the repetitions that you did the first set, if it’s not possible next time you should lower the amount of repetitions.



Lets say I want to do Triceps, right ? My exercises list based on difficulty would look like this:Dips, Diamond Push Ups, Triceps Extensions, Basic Push Ups,  Chair Dips ( with hands in the back ).So here there are 5 exercises that will focus on your triceps.Now what we need to do is figure out the number of repetitions for each exercise and remember them.For my example lets say we’ll do 10 Dips, 8 Diamond Push Ups, 5 Triceps Extensions, 5 Basic Push Ups and 10 Chair Easy Dips.After we did the first set ( all 5 exercises ), we’ll rest for about 4 minutes and start all over again.I would normally try and repeat this set ( don’t forget, I’m talking about all 5 exercises ) until I get pretty tired.


That’s basically it, try it yourself and feel the burn on your own.The example I just gave you is a great workout and you can test it on your own.This is a great routine because it’s very flexible, meaning it is adjustable for your level of strength.Hope you liked this quick routine, let me know what you think !

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