Hannibal for King Home Workout Routine

If you’re looking for a great workout routine that you can do at home without any special equipment then this will definitely be helpful for you. If you have some basic equipment ( pull up bar and a dip bar ) then you should check out the other Hannibal 4 King Workout Routine that we have on our website.

So you want to workout..

This is great ! We have a workout routine that will fit your needs inspired by Hannibal for King of course.

Workout Routine Exercises

  • Push Ups – Yes ! Doing push ups can seem pretty basic but doing them properly and trying out different hand positions / styles will really make your muscles sore.A short video from Hannibal for Kings training suggests doing low diamond push ups so you can try that if you feel comfortable.
  • L- Sit – Get yourself a chair with arm support or two chairs without and start doing a few sets of L Sits.When you get used to it and you feel that it is pretty easy to hold, try going for 30-60 seconds L sit or add some dip movement while you hold that position.
  • Bench Dips – Using your chair again for this exercise start doing maximum repetitions of this exercise and you will definitely feel the burn in your triceps ! If you don’t know how this exercise is meant to be done you can always use google and switch over to images and see.

Routine Details

This is really a quick and short workout that anyone can integrate in their day without the need of any other equipment.Do these exercises in a few sets with a total of 30 to 40 minutes and you are set for the day.If you’re having more time or you feel like this is too easy for you then you should check out our other Workout Routines on our website.

Muscles Involved

  • Push Ups – Depending on what push up variation you are doing, you are going to focus on the Triceps, Chest, Shoulders, Abs
  • L- Sit – This exercise will make your Triceps and Shoulder muscles burn.
  • Bench Dips – The only focus of this exercise is the Triceps.

As you can clearly see, this workout routine is focused on Triceps, Chest and Abdominals


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