Frank Medrano Workout Routine


Frank Medrano has been promoting calisthenics and street workout for a few good years now.He said that he enjoys doing all kinds of bodyweight exercises, free weights and different objects.Frank Medrano is a known vegetarian, which a lot of guys out there hate on but you can clearly see he’s results in the pictures / videos in this article.


This workout will focus on your push ups game and will test your whole body strength.Frank Medrano and some of his friends show us the power of push ups and I’m gonna list all the push ups variations you guys can do in order to get leaner, stronger and change your lifestyle with bodyweight & street workout exercises.


Approximate workout time: Varies / Depending on you

Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

Focuses on: Strength & Endurance

Muscles involved: The whole upper body, even the legs in some exercises

Routine Information

The point of this workout routine is that it is very flexible, meaning that you can adapt the listed exercises how you want to in order to get the most results and benefits.Frank Medrano gives us a list of his favorite Push Ups exercises in the following video; We just need to select the exercises we want to do and create a workout routine with them.

  • Diamond Push Ups with 1 leg raised
  • Push Ups with Heavy weights on your back
  • Behind the back, clap push ups ( Not recommended for beginners )
  • Archer Push Ups
  • TypeWrite Push Ups
  • Pseudo Planche Push Ups / Leaning Push Ups ( Focuses on shoulders )
  • One Arm One Leg Push Ups
  • Rings Push Ups

And a lot more push ups variations are shown in his video “The Power of Push Ups”, thanks for reading my article and enjoy the video !


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