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Calisthenics is, as you know, movement and sports without using any special equipment also called these days Street Workout.These years calisthenics is starting to get very popular and the moves that someday we thought were not possible, these days you can see a lot of teenagers and even old people that are rocking moves like: Full planche, Straddle planche, Front Lever, Back Lever, Muscle ups and a lot of hard elements in the calisthenics community.

If you’re thinking of starting or you even started working out on your own then this website is perfect for your needs.I’m saying that because anyone needs and likes diversity over their calisthenics workout plans and also when you start practicing the hard elements you should have your basics and you should know the technique of that specific movement so that you won’t get hurt.Bad form is very popular in the calisthenics community since a lot of us don’t know if the moves they are performing are with a good technique and form.

If you’re just starting out to do calisthenics I would recommend you to start with the basics and don’t overextend since you may harm yourself.Get very good at these exercises and then you can head over to the next level.

  • Sit ups – Sit ups are the core exercise for you core strength, you can include them in your workout plan every day until you have a strong base.
  • Push ups – Get very good at these with good form, they work a large part of your upper body and play a very important role later in your journey.When its getting to easy start doing push ups variations to continue to a higher level of strength.
  • Pull ups – Unfortunately not all of us have access to a bar that is close to them, but if you do, please take action and start doing pull ups.Pull ups work your biceps, forearm, back and core muscles.
  • Squats – Do squats if you don’t want to “forget” about the legs.A lot of people don’t like doing legs and their upper body will get bigger and bigger but their legs stay the same and you will be called “chicken legs” ( you really don’t want that ! )

I’ve given you 4 basic exercises for you to get good at, when you think you can handle a little more you can go check out our tutorials and workout routines.For example:

Thank you for reading my article on calisthenics workout plans, hope this information that I gave you will help !

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  1. This is a nice start for calisthenics. I agree that Frank Medrano and Hannibal for King are two of the greatest!

    Obviously you won’t be able to do what they do if you are just starting out. But use progressions and go slow and soon you will be able to do levers, dragon flags, and other cool stuff. Bars for life!

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