Calisthenic Chest Workout

Calisthenic Chest Workout 


Hello there!

I know that most of you would like a huge, aesthetical and ripped chest. Here I prepared some intense exercises for you. It will demolish your chest/shoulders and triceps for sure.

If your chest is your lagging body part, you need to try this at least once.

This will work the clavicular area and the lower part of the chest, as well as the three heads of the triceps and the anterior delt.


  • Deep push ups: 3 sets x 10 reps
  • Dips 20 reps
  • Diamond hands bench dips 10 reps
  • Normal hands bench dips 10 reps
  • Wide hands bench dips 10 reps
  • Dip 90 degree angle isometrical hold 20 seconds
  • Wide push ups 10 reps
  • Normal push ups 10 reps
  • Diamond push ups 10 reps
  • Diamond push ups 10 reps
  • Normal push ups 10 reps
  • Wide push ups 10 reps

Now this is ONE SET. You will do as many as you can. If you can finish 3, that’s perfect! If you are insane, you can do 5 or more!


Those deep push ups will be done like this:


You will do them slow. Don’t rush those reps, and hold 2 seconds at the bottom of the movement. It’s not about the speed and number of reps, but the concentration and tension of the muscle. We are gonna build muscle, not endurance now.

You will do 3 sets of 10 reps. Rest as little as you can, and jump back into it.

The next exercise will be DIPS. You will do 20 reps of slow and controlled dips. You will lean forward for more chest activation, and you will go down at a 90 degree angle.

After that you will do 3 variations of the bench dips NON STOP.

You will start wide a wide hand position and you will do 10 reps. After that change your hand position to a normal stance and do 10 reps. You will close this exercise with the close hands position. 10 reps aswell. All three of them will be done NONSTOP.

The next exercise will be an isometrical one. You will get into that dip position and you will hold it at a 90 degree angle, perfectly controled for 20 seconds. Your triceps should scream while doing this.

We will close this 1 set with a real madness.

Firstly, you will do 10 wide push ups. Without any rest you will do 10 reps at a normal stance, and finish with 10 reps of diamond push ups. You will rest 15 seconds and do 10 diamond push ups again.

Without rest you will smash another 10 normal push ups, and finish with 10 reps of wide push ups.

This will be just one set. It can be repeated as much as you want, and take some rest between them. But not so much because you want that intensity to kick in.

Just keep doing this and you will have some godly chest like Lazar or Adam.

For more chest routines, check out our site.


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2 thoughts on “Calisthenic Chest Workout

  1. I have never thought about doing pushups on the chair like that. Do you need to put something by the chairs to keep them from sliding though?

    • Hi, of course you need to be sure chairs are touching somewhere at the back( walls for two close sides and one table on the other side for example)

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