Adam Raw Advanced Workout Routine

If you’re looking for an intense workout routine then this is one of the greatest workout routines if you’re a bit more advanced.This workout routine will definitely challenge your strength.If you want some more beginner workout routines then you should check out our other street workout routines

Workout Routine Exercises

  • Frog Jumps – Do your half maximum number of repetitions of this exercise.
  • High Pull Ups – Continue with 20 High Pull Ups with 3 ab hits on each repetition, this should be done with a partner.
  • 30 Push Ups – If you think that this set is too easy, its not.These 30 Push Ups need to be done with someone on your back! This set also requires a partner.
  • 50 Squat Frog Jumps – Each repetition will consist on: Doing a high jump squat and then when you get in the low squat position again, do a frog jump.Repeat this process!
  • 30 Bar L Hang to Bar – While doing an L Hang on the bar, your partner will do 3 ab hits and then you should raise your legs to the bar ( like basic leg raises on the bar ) and then repeat the process.
  • Maximum Frog Jumps – Finish off the routine by doing your maximum of Frog Jumps

Routine Details

All the exercises from this routine need to be done in Circuit, also try to rest as little as possible between cycles and exercises.Your main goal on this workout routine is to finish the workout routine by doing all the needed repetitions in as low time as possible.Even if you’re trying to do the exercises fast, don’t break your good form !

You can see the full routine in the video down below ! Let us know what you think !

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