5 Great Ab Exercises

If you want to lose some core body fat and / or build some great core ab muscles then these 5 ab exercises will help you achieve your goals.You won’t need any equipment to do these Ab Exercises so you can do it wherever and whenever you want.

Hollow Body Hold

This is a great exercise for building ab strength but its recommended to stay in the hold with proper form like shown in the image.You core needs to be as tight as possible and to check, you can try to rock back and forth and if you can’t do it properly then you are not doing it properly.

Hollow Body Rocks

This is basically the previous exercise with swings added instead of the basic hold.Make sure you have build some strength for the hold until you add the swings.You should have a solid 30 seconds before you start doing this.

Jackknife Sit Ups

For this exercise you should lean flat on the ground with your hands straight above your head, toes pointed and legs tight when you start doing the exercise.Now start raising your hands and feet at the same time until you get to the final position shown in the image above.Be aware that it can be harsh on your back if you don’t do it properly.

Superman Holds

Like shown in the image you need to lay flat on your stomach on the ground and engage your back muscles by raising your upper body and lower body at the same time until you look like the man in the image.This is a core exercise and engages your lower back.If you are a beginner aim for 15-30 seconds and you should feel a great burn in your lower back muscles.

Plank Hold

This one is one of the most popular exercises on the internet, plank holds.Plank holds will strengthen your abs and little bit of your shoulders depending on how you perform the exercise.Try holding it as much as you can in 4 sets as this is the last exercise of your workout.

Thank you for reading my article on these 5 simple exercises that you can do at home without any equipment.have a great workout !

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