Foods That Work for You

Nutrition is a large part of creating a healthier lifestyle. When you know which foods work best with your body you can expect increased energy, the ability to focus better, just feeling better overall. If you have been eating unhealthily for a long time, you may even experience a dramatic change in your physical health, such as, lower blood pressure or significant weight loss.

Special Diets

Some people have special nutritional needs, such as, foods that contain no gluten or soy or lactose. These people have probably been eating a modified diet their entire lives. But, for someone newly diagnosed or someone preparing food for a family member with this condition, it can be difficult figuring out how to get enough calories every day without eating forbidden foods. Of course, you should consult a physician before embarking on any modified eating plan to make sure it is nutritionally sound, but you should also do your own research. If you find that you used to be able to eat ice cream, but now it bothers your stomach, you may want to stop eating it as much. This isn’t self-diagnosing, it’s using common sense. Eating something that irritates your body just because you have no known allergens isn’t a very healthy thing to do. It could be a new ingredient in the food or a newly developed sensitivity that is causing this problem. Until you see a doctor, the safest thing to do is to avoid that specific food and foods that include that ingredient. It may take a lot of reading labels on your part, but your body will thank you.

Special Circumstances

When someone is pregnant or has an injury, they may also need to eat a modified diet. Someone who is no longer mobile because of an injury may not need to eat as much as they did when they were up and walking around. Continuing to eat the same as when they were mobile could result in a lot of unwanted weight gain. Consulting a physician about proper intake for a new sedentary lifestyle is best in this case. The same is required during pregnancy. A pregnant women or teen may need to add calories or maintain current calories dependent on her weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). Some women may also find that certain foods they loved pre-pregnancy are now repulsive and that could result in weight loss during the pregnancy. Because of this, eating a Balanced Diet can be difficult. A widely recommended solution is to eat many smaller “meals” throughout the day. This will allow the woman to receive proper nutrition without feeling as nauseous.

Overall, finding a Diet that works for you is important because if you fuel your body with nutritious foods you may experience a drastic difference in how you feel physically. This change could impact your mind as well by helping you to focus and think more clearly. Special diets, such as, gluten and soy free foods, may require extra reading in your part, but will benefit you greatly. And, special circumstances, such as, pregnancy or an injury may require a modified diet from your normal one, but consulting with a physician or register dietician or nutritionist can help you figure out just the right amount of calories to best help your body run smoothly.

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