What is the best post Cardio meal?



I always wanted to be shredded, so today I am going to do cardio again and again, but..when I’m done, what type of meal should I get in my system?”

I know that this questions are running through my head all the time. Should I eat carbs? Should I fast more? Can I eat fats?

Well, the answer is not that complicated and fancy as you expect.  You don’t need to worry or overthink this, because as long as you eat in your daily macronutrient range, everything will be ok.  Keep in mind that if you want to build muscle and lose fat, nutrition plays a huge role, and that’s why you need to avoid junk food not only post workout, but in general. Yes you can have some cheat meals once in a while, but not really daily.

Now let’s go deeper intro the subject.

You need to figure out your calories and your daily macronutrients intake for your specific goal, either is losing fat or building muscle. You need to aim for a number of calories who will vanish after 24 hours of burning.

If you overthink this post cardio meal, and you panic a lot like what if those fats will make me gain a pound or more? what if those carbs and sodium will bloat me like a ballon or make me look more fat?”. This will do nothing but slow your progress and stress you out like crazy.

You also need to keep in mind that your pre cardio meal it’s still digested, and that nutrient absortion is a gradual process. This meal is still digesting, so you don’t really need that post cardio meal that soon.

At the end of the day you should keep it simple. If you nailed your daily macronutrients and caloric intake, you shouldn’t worry about a post cardio meal. And also you can do it fasted, first thing in the morning. But that’s another article.

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