More Details About 2018 Street Workout Freestyle World Championship

This championship will be organized by the Federation and Moscow Sate Sport Department. It will be organized as a live two-days competition with athletes being present and competing against each other face-to-face.

All Participants will be treated on equal terms. Winner will obtain the title of “Street Workout Freestyle World Champion 2018”.

The maximum performance time given for one Participant in Qualification is 2 minutes in Final round is 3 minutes.

Participants may be required to perform a doping test according to the international regulations and requirements of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Based on SW World Championship 2017 male competition final round, countries have the right to have 2 male participants in competitions are;

Latvia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Armenia, Spain, Serbia, Hong Kong, Belarus
France, Iran, Turkey, Netherlands, Israel, Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Russia.

Based on SW World Championship 2016 female competition final round, countries have the right to have 2 female Participants in competitions are;
Russia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Finland, France and  Spain.

Important Notice: From 2018, all WSWCF international competitions will have participation fee. Participation fee is 50 Euro for each participant. Participation fee must be paid in Moscow, Russia to SW World Championship 2018 coordinator not later than 2 hours before the Qualification round.



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