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Everyone needs motivation, without motivation we wouldn’t be doing anything in life. We need motivation to do every single thing in our life. A quick example would be when you wake up in the morning as a student, you need to be motivated enough to get out of bed, dress yourself and go to school. That motivation comes from the fact that you will probably some day finish the school and become someone that you vision at that moment, to be great.

Motivation sometimes can fade away as you think you’ve achieved enough or you when you did not succeed in that domain you’re trying to excel in. That is why we need to constantly think of what are the reasons I started this thing, what can I become doing this thing that I am doing and does it worth it to keep going.These 3 questions you need to answer for yourself in order to remind what you can achieve doing the things that you’re doing.

How can you motivate yourself ?

  • Knowing in your mind that it is your opinion and thinking what matter.If you think you can do it, you will do it.
  • Watching general motivational videos
  • Seeing other people succeed in that domain you currently want to succeed.In our case, watching people which developed a lot of strength to do hard street workout moves, like Full planche, Front Lever, Impossible, Maltese..etc can help you and can boost your motivation.
  • Think of all the things you’ve achieved during your journey toward that dream and try to keep out any failures that you think you had.Constantly remind yourself, “Why am I doing this ?”.Some of us do it for others, depending on their situation, other guys do it for themselves but if you can’t answer it properly then you probably should reconsider your dream as it probably was not even a dream of yours.
  • Progress. The best motivational tool for any of us; Seeing that you’re getting results out of what you’re doing is a great way of motivating yourself to keep on going !


Things to keep in mind if you’re not seeing any progress
There are plenty of reasons why probably don’t see any progress in what you’re doing.Success doesn’t come when you want it, success is the thing that you may experience when you, as a human are ready enough to embrace it.If you find yourself down, think about all the positive aspects in your life and why you can be happy at the moment. You will be surprised !

Continue to work toward your dream, hard work really pays off !

Here are a few of my favorites workout motivational videos that may help you boost your motivation to keep on going.Thank you for reading my article and stay safe guys!



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