Outdoor Gym Park Generates Electricity Trough Human Power

Do you want to make the world a better place for the future generations? As you know there is no magic bullet that will instantly change everything for good. Working out is to expend some energy, but what if instead, you could create it? When you do that you help the nature the same time. Wouldn’t it be nicer? Circuit training is a form of endurance training or resistance training using high-intensity. Quinn Elizabeth Olympic Outdoor Fitness Park is the one the outdoor gym that generates electricity through human power.



This was a dream long before but now you can also help planting a tree for every piece of equipment which installed in that kind of outdoor gym park around UK. Quinn Elizabeth Olympic Park is only one of them.

You go green while you use your energy. Using recycling material’s for building these parks is the last and most useful part of this projects. There are several positive effects on nature and our world if we use these parks.

When you use the equipment you can also produce energy which is enough to charge phones, light spaces and even tie back into the grid with human power. Push up and power your phone, ride the bike a plant a tree the same time. If you are a Street Workout Person this kind of place is just for you. Here is the great news not only United Kingdom even Australia, France and Portugal have these human power outdoor gym parks.

Could you imagine the Cross Trainer, Recumbent Bike, Spinning Bike and Hand Bike to green energy gym equipment that generates on average 50 -100 watts each depending on the fitness of the user?

Go green for better world use your energy for helping others.

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