10+ photos of girls performing street workout

Hello everyone, for this article we’ve gathered a few photos from the latest WSWCF freestyle competition in 2016. For more pictures and photos like these, please go and check out our Street Workout Gallery


1. Woman doing a Handstand on the Parallel Bars



2. L Sit on a Pull Up barl-sit-bars-woman


3. Neck Hold Street Workout

4. One Arm Hold on Parallel Barsone-arm-lever

5. A girl doing a Straddle Planchestraddle-planche-woman

6. Bent Arms Freestyle Handstandwoman-acrobatycs-workout

7. Modified Back Lever on Parallel Barswoman-back-lever

8. Full Human Flagwoman-flag-workout

9. Hollow Back performed by a Girlwoman-handstand-street-workout

10. One Arm Pistol Squatwoman-pistol-squat-exercise

11. Slow Pull Upwoman-slow-pull-up

12. Pull Up Bar Holdwoman-street-workout


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