Lind Slaaay How to Get Your FIRST PULL UP

Here she is Lind Slaaay she is number two around the world as a women Calisthenics. She does also , Gymnastics, Acro, Yoga, Lifting and Climbing. One of on her Instagram post she explains about how do you balance on your hand.

She says” Obviously you need strong shoulders and a strong core to stay balanced in a handstand, but one thing people seem to overlook is the importance of engaging your forearms! If you take a close look at my forearms in this video, you’ll see them working HARD  (and I’m feeling the effects of it right now!) Your shoulders and core are what provide structure & support, but your forearms are what drive the steering wheel – that’s where the control lies”

We fund one extremely special video from her to explain How to Get Your FIRST PULL UP..

Watch the video till end and learn from one of the world best girl Calisthenics.

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