Frank Medrano’s One Week Workout Plan

Frank Medrano’s One Week Workout Plan

Who is Frank Medrano? What is one of the most important things about him? He is a calisthenics. Works hard and says never too late. He has changed his life style and became Vegan and body builder 7 years ago. His friends Dan Attanasio and Noel Polanco were vegan. They were body builders too. His friends helped him became vegan. I like his idea about workouts. He says “Don’t wish for it; work for it and always believe in yourself”.

Yes that is right. If you believe and work so you can built your body.  He also says start from the bottom. Give it a time and put your effort on it. You can find some programmes for beginners on this website but this post is all about Franks Medrano’s workouts plan. If you already build your muscles you must give a try to this plan. Don’t worry if you are beginners, one day you will come to the same point and see your body is ready to move on the next step.

Here is Frank Medrano’s 6 days’ workout list:

MONDAY (day1) work on the chest and start with 30 muscle -ups, 100 standard push ups, 4 sets /10 reps incline dumbbell press, 4 sets/10 reps flat dumbbell press, 5 sets/ 20 reps dips, 200 standard push ups,Continue with 50 decline push ups, 50 narrow push ups, 50 raised push ups, 15 minutes HIIT cardio, continuous 15 crunches – 15 side crunches (both sides)15 leg raises – 3 sets

TUESDAY (Day2) work on back start with 30 muscle ups, 100 overhand pullups, 4 sets/ 10 reps single arm dumbbell roll, 4 sets/10 reps pullovers, 50 under hand pull ups,Continue with 50 over hand pullups, 10 muscle ups, 15 minutes HIIT cardio, continuous 15 crunches – 15 side crunches (both sides), 15 leg raises – 3 sets,

WEDNESDAY (Day3) work on shoulders and abs start with100 push ups, 4 sets/10 reps standing dumbbell presses, 4 sets/10reps lateral dumbbell raises, 4 sets/10 reps bent down dumbbell lateral raises,100 crunches, 50 crossovers,Continue with 50 high intensity crunches, 2 minute flutter kicks (3 sets), 60 second crunch holds (3 times),continuous 15 crunches- 15 side crunches (both sides),15 leg raises – 3 sets, Handstands till failure, 15 minutes HIIT cardio,

THURSDAY (Day4) work on Biceps and Triceps start with 30 muscle ups, 50 underhand pull ups, 4sets/10 reps preacher curl, 4 sets/10 reps hammer curls, 4 sets/10reps reverse grip preacher curl, 100 dips,Continue with 100 push-ups, 4 sets/10 reps overhead triceps extension,4 sets/10reps reverse grip triceps pull down 20 slow pull ups, 20 slow dips, and 15 minutes HIIT cardio,

FRIDAY (Day 5) work Legs start with 4 sets/reps barbell squats, 4 sets of 20 yard lunges, 100 body weight squats, Continue with 4 set/10 reps pistol squats, 4 sets/10 reps stiff legged deadlifts, 4 sets/ 10 reps standing calve raises, 4 sets /10 reps seated calve raises, 100 body weight standing calve raises, 15 minutes HIIT cardio.

SATURDAY (Day 6) Overall body weight training start with 100 crunches, 8 100 meter sprints, 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 100 dips,Continue with 30 muscle ups, 50 crossovers, 50 high intensity crunches, 2 minute flutter kicks (3 sets), 60 second crunch holds (3 times),

SUNDAY is a resting day after all week working very hard.

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