Christian Heria Motivation Video and Some Tips

Chris Heria was born in Miami, Florida on  1991. He  is a badass elite calisthenics. He is not just only a Street Workout Champion, he is also Professional Bar Athlete, Online Celebrity, and Premier Calisthenics Authority. He traveled to Russia, Norway, and Finland to compete in street workout Championships and hold workshops.

He is so flexible and fast. When you watch this video you can see how strong and active he is.

Here are some tips from him:

Mixing everything and anything is great. Always try to shock the body and do something out of your comfort zone. What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you!

Weights helpes build power so if you’re at a platue it may help to incorporate some.

Slow and steady. if you’re trying to do planche or hspu don’t have the end result be your goal.

Make little steps , pick very little goals, set yourself little flags of acomplishment, take one step at a time.

Working out is really just what people like to do. There’sso  many ways to workout your body, but how you like to do it is what matters to you.


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