Adam Austera Slovakian Streetworkout Athlete

Here is Adan Austera Street Workout Athlete on the semifinals in Slovakia.

We had an interview for our followers with him. Here is what he says about himself.

“Hi, my name is Adan Austera. I am a street workout athlete from Slovakia.

I have been training for 5 years and I have also been competing for last 2 years.

My biggest achievement was winning weighted category (75kg-) in STREET WORKOUT SLOVAK NATIONAL CUP 2017. Relative strength is my main goal in SW so I like practicing moves like handstand and planche push ups, one arm pull ups etc… I train 5 times per week and my workout takes 1-2 hours to me. I aim to eat many plant food not so much produced, but I am not vegetarian nor vegan. I also eat eggs, meat and dairy, but not so much (I think we don’t need much of these). My advice is not to neglect warm up before training, it usually takes app. 20 minutes to me. Only if your muscles are warmed up enough, they are ready for maximum performance.”

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