7 Minutes Movements Outdoor Gyms in America

Brand New Outdoor Gym’s in America for Everyone

This is an advanced activation toolkit and community support system all over America. Digital training is also launched on the apple watch. Gym Courts are designed to activate, encourage and strengthen public participation in free outdoor fitness activities. Campaign Manager and Founder  Mitch Menaged says this campaign actually started in 1979 with Stanford and San Fransisco. In time they spread all around America and build centers in 4000 cities.

Time passes and technology changes so human needs. According to Menaged they are introducing a new Court for 21th century and launching a new national campaign.  They raised over 15 million dollars to maintain their campaign for getting free for everyone across America. Fitness Court will allow you to use your body weigh to get a perfect workout. Basically 7 movements 7 minutes system helps you get a full body work out in 7 minutes. System works as spending 45 second each station fallowed by 15 seconds rest. Whatever your condition or your age is you can use this system because of using your own body weight.

Unfortunately only 100 city in America has this Courts now but good news is they will spread all around to America as it was before as all out door gyms.

You can download mobile app called Fitness Court , you can even get Digital Training Moves to Apple Watch Audio Guides. There are some Regional Training Camps in 18 cities, you can join one of the Nationwide Fitness Court Classes or events. NFC is planning to built 100 more Courts to reach 200 Courts in the end of 2019.

Many thanks to NFC and all people who helped this project come true.

Workout is possible even you are young, old, child whatsoever. These kind of places might be very good for new streetworkout beginners too. It has 7 stations core, squat,push, lunge, pull, agility and bend.  You can start with 7 minutes and add more in time. You can get enough training and download apps to challenge yourself and your friends.

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