5 Minute Workout to Start Your Day With

It’s very important and healthy to start your day with a little bit of exercising.Exercising in the morning is a very good thing to do before you do your all day routines ( read more on Why you should workout in the morning ), like going to school if you are still a student or simply going to work.If you happen to be sitting in a chair in front of a computer almost all day at work or just sitting in class listening to a probably boring teacher ( haha, I’m just kidding ) and if you’re wasting your whole energy for your job then you are probably going tired and sleepy home.

Many people that exercise in the morning probably had a look on the internet for the “best exercises to do in the morning”, for me.. I just don’t think that there are any best exercises to do, every kind of exercise or exercises impacts your blood circulation which can definitely increase your mood for the day and start feeling fresh.Personally, I’m a workout addict and I try to workout at least 5-6 days a week, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t do some kind of exercises or stretches just to keep my mind and my body fresh.

That being said, I’m going to give you some exercises that I like doing in the workout if you don’t have any equipment, without even using any other objects than the floor.Here you have a small list from which you can choose and plan your own mini-workout routine to do in the morning.

  1. Jumping jacks – Personally this is my favorite exercise for this type of workout, this movement mainly focuses on the legs muscles ( calves, quadriceps, shin, abductor and adductor muscles ) and a bit of your upper body.This is definitely a must exercise !
  2. Torso rotations / circles – A very great way to activate your back muscles and release some tension accumulated in your spine.I must say that I do this exercise almost every time my back feels rusty, I definitely suggest you doing this if you don’t already do it.
  3. Knee raises – This exercise focuses on your quadriceps, abs and it can be also a great static / stretching exercise if you keep your knee as high as you can by helping with your hand.Keep in mind that when you hold your knee up your other leg stabilizer muscles are working as well !
  4. Squats – Hah ! Squats are definitely must, doing them with proper form and as low as possible with again, a static hold at the lowest point at your squat position will engage a very big part of the legs muscles.
  5. Planks – Planks are an important exercise for engaging your core muscles, therefore helping your stabilizer muscles get stronger.If done with proper form you activate your shoulder and triceps muscles as well.If you’re a beginner try and aim for a 10-15 seconds hold and if that’s too easy for you, you can aim for mastering the plank by doing a 1 minute plank, but of course that comes over time.
  6. Pushups – There are all kind of pushups, but for the moment we are talking about the pushups that everyone heard of.Try keeping your back straight while doing them, definitely don’t arch your back.Also, try doing them with the best form you can, I know that I said that too many times already but you must try to go low to the ground with your chest and also bringing your chest to the starting position ( arms straight ).This exercise will help engage your pectoral, triceps, core muscles and depending on how you do them, it can engage your shoulders too !
  7. Head rotations – What can I say, head rotations will help you release tension from your neck after a bad sleep.
  8. Running – If you have some great outdoors and you have a place where to run, definitely go jog for a few minutes before going into your daily routine.If you live in an apartment and you don’t have a treadmill its good to try running while standing.Tip: run on your toes.

There you have it, I just gave you 8 simple exercises from which you can choose and start doing them daily, if it gets boring just doing the same exercises over and over again, change the plan up with replacing exercises.Select a few exercises and try doing them at least 5 to 10 minutes daily when waking up !

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you found it useful.

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