Some Mamoa Rulles: Experiment with varied activities. Stay in shape not just by following a high-intensity training routine.


He loves Guinness, has boulders for shoulders and a chest that spans 50 inches – who wouldn’t want to be built like Jason?

Arnold Press

Grab a bench and sit down while holding dumbbells in front of you with your arms curled. Your palms should be facing your shoulders. Lift the dumbbells above your head. At the same time, make your palms face the opposite direction by rotating the arms. Stretch your arms, hold and then do it backwards.

Barbell Military Press

With your feet near each other, lift the barbell, with forward-facing palms, all the way to the shoulders. Then, quickly press the barbell on top of your head, making sure to fully extend your arms. Afterwards, put the weight down slowly.

Cross-body Hammer Curl

Hold two dumbbells to your sides while standing and with your palms facing one another. Perform a curl towards the opposite shoulder with one hand. Lower it back to the beginning position and do it again with the other hand.

Hammer Jammer

Place a barbell at the corner of the gym to create an anchor. Assume the split stance and position the barbell at shoulder length using the arm that’s opposite the furthest foot to lift the bar. Now, extend your arm fully and rapidly to perform the move. Then slowly return it to the position you began in.

Barbell Curl

Hold your barbell at shoulder width in front of you while letting it hang from your thighs. Curl the weight towards your chest without moving your arms and while bracing your core at the same time. Lower it back down to the beginning position slowly.

Battle Ropes Grab a rope and anchor it between 15 and 20 feet from the centre. Extend your arms to the side while holding one end of the rope in both hands. Now, quickly lift your arm

Jason Momoa’s Super Human Diet

To gain extra strength, Jason drinks caffeine, and he builds muscle with the help of protein powder of the highest quality. To get a dose of healthy fats, he consumes large amounts of steak, sashimi (particularly salmon and barramundi) and throws in some olive and avocado oil as well. Each day, the superhero takes one caffeine pill. He strongly believes that muscle building comes down to combining high-quality proteins with creatine monohydrate. His daily recommendation of creatine monohydrate is 5 grams.

Aquaman loads up on carbs (this includes lots of fruit at the start of the day or a rice or quinoa meal later on) prior to an intense gym session. He goes to the bars right after taking his caffeine pill or coffee.

Sadly, his filming schedules changes everything. While filming, he mostly sticks to a diet of seaweed, eggs and sardines for breakfast and tomahawk steaks and turkey legs for later on. He likes a rich Guinness pint, which is his preferred beverage because of its frothiness.

According to Momoa, his Polynesian gene makes it easy for him to gain weight, meaning he has to watch what he eats while filming.

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