The Rock’s Family and His Amazingly Powerful Diet

Johnson is part Samoan and a descendant of chiefs from the ethnic. Because of this and the fact that he has done a great service to his people, he was given the title of Seiuli, which is a title given to noble people. In 2003, Johnson partially received a Samoan pe’a tattoo on the left side of his upper body.

On 3 May 1997, he got married to Dany Garcia. They eventually divorced, and since 2007 he has been with the singer Lauren Hashian. The Rock has 3 children (one with his ex-wife and two with his current partner).

The Rock’s Amazingly Powerful Diet:

To keep his muscles firm and strong, Dwayne Johnson consumes a lot of protein. He gets his protein from eating the following foods: milk products, fish, chicken, 40 oz. steak and a dozen eggs.

Vegetables and fruits are his favorite. During his day, he consumes two cups of salad and four cups of veggies. He gets his daily carbohydrates from foods like oatmeal and rice.

After an intense workout, he adds some Gatorade, Glutamine and Amino Energy into his diet. By the end of the day, The Rock consumes 10lbs of food. In a year, he eats more than 1/3 of a ton of cod, which is completely amazing. The total amount of calories he consumes in a day reaches 5,000.

Here is an image shows Dwayne Johnson’s one week table. How amazing it is.

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