Dolph Lundgren Workout and Tips

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor and martial artist who was born on November 3th in 1957. He is also a director, screenwriter and producer. His real name is Hans but he picked his name “Dolph” of a distant relative on his mother’s side. His height is 6ft 3.5in (192 cm) and his weight is 215 pounds( 97.5 kg). He said  he developed a desire to participate in heavy contact sports such as boxing and karate because of having hard times at home.

Dolph Lungren Career

Did you know he graduated with a degree in chemical engineering? He also served his mandatory one year in the Swedish Marine Corps at the Amphibious Ranger School.  Don’t you think his Navy skills are becoming live on his films too?


Special news about him is relationship with Grace Jones.  He was spotted in the nightclub he worked at in Sydney and was hired by Grace Jones as a bodyguard, and the two became lovers. He moved to New York City with her and became a model.

Films and Books

You can find out some online hot pictures of them. She had no idea she was going to open film industry doors to him. Lundgren’s first appearance was a James Bond film called A View to a Kill; in the scene playing the very minor role as a KGB agent.  After that he had a role an imposing fighter to play Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. He even won Marshall Trophy for Best Actor as a prize from this film. He made so many more films but these two films were his first important two films. He won his other prize( Fantastic Lantern) is in Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema ceremony. He was in The Expendables 3 as  Gunner Jensen. Some of his latest post productions include Creed II, Aquaman, he still busy with  A Man Will Rise

He published a book called Be Fit Forever. It is his autobiographical training guide. He gives all tips about  his weekly training programs, his daily menu planners. This is a special guide to find an equipment and gear, fantastic photos from behind the scenes of Hollywood action movies, and more.

Dolph Lungren Workout

He also says “The combination of good training, nutrition and adding supplementation definitely does support your healthier appearance. He also think that taking part in different kind of  sports give you an extra adrenaline around the body which  promotes a healthy appearance. ” for his young looking body even he is more than 50 years old.

Here is one of his workout

Here is a video for Upper Body

Dolph Lundgren’s diet

Dolph Lundgren has his own diet style and he says he tries to eat regular food as much as possible but he reduced his supplements in these days. He still uses whey protein, glucosamine and vitamin C. He likes to train before breakfast so needs something to reduce his appetite that is the reason why he created his own shakes.

Another important element in his morning shake is Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). It is an organosulfur which helps to form connective tissue and repair joints, tendons and ligaments.

He mixes two table spoon of MSM in the 100 ml water with a little bit energy drink and some vitamin C. He drinks this mix as soon as he wakes up.

How he uses whey protein in a protein mix? Basically he mixes two table spoon of whey protein with 200 ml low fat yogurt, one medium banana, one large egg and one table soon of honey and a hand full of ice cubes in the food processor. He says that can be either a good shake for breakfast or protein shake after his first workout.

His breakfast contains a few of these choices: a few slices of wholegrain bread, cheese, all bran muffin, fresh fruit, honey, cinnamon, oatmeal, yogurt and eggs.

He eats yogurt, fruit, some nuts and protein energy bars for snacks.

His dinner and lunch contains healthy cooked fish, chicken and beef with either salad or rice or pasta. He loves his vegetables but he also likes soup or sandwich in his meals.

He drinks plenty of water and some energy drinks all the time.

He drinks his coffee only during the day.

He loves his hot chamomile or mint  tea with lemon before he goes to bed.






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