Bruce Lee the Dragon Fighter Best Workouts

Who is Bruce Lee or to use his Chinese name Lee Jun-Fan.

We know him from his films as a martial actor but he is more than just an actor. He created his own method of building body muscles and using them to the maximum.

He has his own rules and styles. In a rare interview he says “if we have 3 arms and 4 legs we could fight different but we are human and have only two of each. There is no Japanese or Chinese way of fighting.” That is the reason why he was very unique and how he created his own working or fighting style. His workouts are still popular like his films.

He was the first person to use Cross Training. Cross Training is multiple machine training and you can work on different stations. He was like a bee buzzing around his own machine with no rest between stations. Each work out was short in duration so he could finish all the parts in one go. Nowadays, most Bruce Lee circuit training exercises can be done on a single BowFlex machine or other similar workout stations. Here is his first very own Training Machine.

He has 10 rules to follow all the time.

He believed in demonstrating impressively, he always expressed himself as he is, he believed in faith in himself, exploited his opportunities, he was always confident, he says he tried to be like water and get shape or space. He created his own art, he was fearless, instead of thinking he felt the situation, and in the end he always took the best parts of everything.

All these rules actually made him a very strong. We always admire his workouts and muscle powers. The Dragon Flag, a movie named after Bruce Lee, isn’t just a flashy exercise that got dumped into the Rocky IV training montage because it looked cool. It’s still cool thing to do.


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